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MCI World TravelerPrepaid Calling Card $12.50

International Prepaid Calling Card Rates
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MCI World Travelerinternational prepaid phone card

Denominations: $12.50, $25, $50, $100

Connection Fee
Billing Increments 1 minute rounding
Maintenance Fees None
Payphone Fee 50¢ per call (FCC imposed)
Additional Fees & Taxes None
Card Expiration 180 days after the first use of this card
Customer Service Number 1-800-470-5161
Access Number 1-800-325-0711 (for US & Canada)
International Access Numbers
Local Area Access Not Available
Does This Card Work From: Alaska: Yes - Billed at the same rate per minute
Hawaii: Yes - Billed at the same rate per minute
Canada: Yes - Billed at a higher rate per minute
International Cellular Phones Typically, calls to international cellular phones are billed at a different calling rate per minute than to a landline. Please verify all international calling rates before making your purchase.
Additional Information Network services provided by MCI.

We strongly recommend you verify overseas access numbers with customer service before leaving the U.S.

Does not work from international cell phone, AT&T Phone Tents on U.S. Military Bases or AT&T payphones.

Calls to 700, 900, or 976 numbers, certain toll-free, operator assisted, third party billed or collect calls not available.

MCI makes no express or implied representations or warranties about its services and disclaims any implied warranties. MCI's liability is limited to the face value of this Card and will not include any indirect, special, incidental, consequential, exemplary, or punitive loss or damage.

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